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1.5 Billion Active Users. 5 Billion videos watched every single day. Handpick which people watch your ad. It makes total sense to be advertising on this platform. As you familiarize yourself with Youtube Ads, it also becomes completely apparent that you need a dedicated marketing company to assist you in creating effective videos and ad campaigns on Youtube. Unfortunately, video marketing is expensive. Not with us. You want affordable not cheap advertising for your small business. We have got the best plans available for you. Read on to see what makes Naudilus Media the right choice for your Youtube Marketing needs.

Ready to see what REAL Youtube advertising can do for you?

Youtube is the new TV.

For many businesses, Youtube has made video advertising, arguably on of the most effective forms of advertising, a financial possibility for small businesses. After all, a 30 second spot on Cable is going to run about $100k which is out of reach for many. Make way for Youtube. While cable viewership has been declining each year, Youtube viewership has increased tremendously. Instead of paying thousands for a 30 second TV ad, why not pay pennies per view, and only if the viewer watches more than 30 seconds of your ad. It really is a no-brainer where you should focus your video marketing efforts. Let us show you the way.

Why Advertise on Youtube With Naudilus Media

We understand video.

Your video needs to be entertaining, informative, sound great, look great, target the right audience, have engaging content, and so much more. That is a lot of boxes to check. We can handle all of your video marketing needs affordably. 

We want you to succeed.

We understand the struggles of running a small business today. We aim to make all of our services affordable for the true small business and have streamlined our operations to offer well-rounded video development services to you.

Advertise En Espanol

We are a mixed team of web specialists. As such, we have native Spanish speakers with college level fluency to assist with any marketing and translation to the growing Spanish population.

Tested Youtube Ad Process

Stage One: Business Evaluation & Profile Analysis

We get familiar with your business and its marketing needs. We analyze your website, current Youtube channel, current and target audience, and perform extensive research on your competition to see what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Stage Two: Strategy Development

Based off of our analysis, we develop a strategy specific to your business and competitive market to help your videos start ranking above all of your competition and getting found for keywords that your target audience searches on a daily basis. You will be blown away.

Stage Three: Youtube Channel Setup & Integration

We create a dope Youtube channel fully optimized for your target audience. We setup all the necessary dashboards, tools, and analytics so you can see measurable results and improve and remain educated on how your Youtube channel is performing.

Stage Four: Implementation of Marketing Strategies

We implement previously agreed upon strategies throughout your channel, website, and other social media pages to start achieving results.

Stage Five: Ongoing Optimization

We will closely monitor key metrics daily and make adjustments accordingly to ensure that your Youtube channel is performing at its max all day, every day. Finally, we provide continual support giving you peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated team based out of Austin, Texas to back you up with all the ongoing technical stuff.


The key performance indicators we look at are clicks, views, cost-per-views, engagement, and subscribers.We track these metrics and more daily. All of these metrics will be trackable by you at any time. We will send out monthly visual reports to you illustrating your channel and ad campaign’s performance.

When your Youtube ad goes live, you can expect instant results. Organic Youtube channel growth is impacted by more outside factors such as your industry, its competition level, and overall target audience sizes. For high trafficked search queries, it can take a few months to get on the front page. For lesser searched queries, it can take a lot less time to rank highly. We will provide monthly reports to visualize the steady improvements in your ranking.

You will receive monthly reports from us. If you need them more frequently, just let us know and we will provide the reports for anytime upon request.

Contracts and Setup Fees

Our contracts are ongoing with monthly charges.  If you wish to cancel the service, give us 30 days notification. After that time, we will return all information for your company back to you.

There is a one-time setup fee. It includes setting up your analytics accounts, website integration of analytics, and other administrative tasks. We also will fully create your Youtube Business channel.

Absolutely! If you want to self-manage your youtube channel, we will set you up with everything you need to succeed. This will include a complete Youtube channel, a series of targeted ads, a few video animations, and all the tools to measure your progress.

Working Together and What You Can Expect

Tech Support?!? Relax, you can take it easy. When you call, text or DM us, you will receive a local SEO Specialist of ours based right out of Austin, TX. These guys know how to rope a bull (no joke) and rope in a higher ranking for your business. This person will be your main point of contact and resolve all of your issues, big and small. 

First off, we will gain a better understanding of you and your business through a good ol’ fashioned chat. Our specialists will ask you a complete set of questions regarding your business and the goals you have. With that, we will perform extensive keyword research to identify high traffic keywords, both globally and locally, that correlate to your business. To do this, we use the top keyword planning tools to find the best keywords for your business, its level of competition, and how often it is searched. Finally, we will pass along this research to you and determine a strategy that gives you the best return.

After identifying the best keywords to target for your business, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your local or global competition who are on the first page, even companies you requested. We have a wide array of tools to analyze websites from what they are ranking for down to the code that runs their website and create a strategy for you that puts you above them in search.

The physical design of your website will remain intact. We will change keywords, tags, and some technical code in your website. We will run all of these changes by you first and create backups of your website to maintain 100% up time.

We will obtain a clear understanding of your vision, the business and current customer base. Afterwards, we will develop a blog calendar with google/outlook integrations.  This will give you a visual of the topics we will write about and what we are targeting with each post. We will always ask for approval before any blog post is uploaded. Once this is approved, we will schedule these posts, and write original content for each topic. For more information on this process, take a look at our services page labeled “Content Generation”.

All of our SEO tactics are 100% ethical and white-listed for search engine use. We utilize safe proven methods to achieve results for your business. Even our guerrilla marketing services are acceptable by the many different search and social engine terms of service. Unlike some companies, we keep a distance from black hat tactics that can incur penalties on your website for years to come.

For sure. If you already did the work and created an article you are passionate about, we can work out something special for you where you are only charged for the optimization of content you created. We can even provide keyword research for you prior to your writing of an article.

We go 0-100 real quick.

Other ways Naudilus Media can help your small business.

“Any way you want it that’s the way you need it.”- Journey

Naudilus Media can cover all of your bases with an extensive list of services. We work feverishly to ensure that you get the service you deserve for the price you prefer. Here a few more services that we thought might interest you. Take a look.

Web Design

Brand Identity

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Content Generation

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