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Targeting millennials has never been easier. With over 180 million active users, 60% under age 25, Snapchat has become the go-to app for the next generation. This audience is your customer base and you want more sales from them. We do that… affordably. Naudilus Media is the “one stop you must make” for everything from Snapchat Profile Management to advertising campaigns and product marketing. 

Ready to see what REAL Snapchat advertising can do for you?

Why Snapchat Instead Of

New Audiences.

The #1 appeal of Snapchat is its appeal to younger audiences. If you are having trouble connecting with this audience on other social platforms, Snapchat could be where you strike a chord with your audience. 

Put simply: If your audience includes millenials at all, you need to be on Snapchat. Period.

Less Competition.

 Every single brand on this beautiful green earth seems to have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social media page. With some much competition, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to connect with users on these networks and no longer cheap to advertise to them through these networks. Snapchat has a substantial user base at 200 million, filled with frequent online shoppers, 76% to be exact, who are ready to be wowed by your business. There isn’t an algorithm hiding your posts. Also, users don’t see too many ads or links that can drive them away from your content. With its disappearing messages and blunt feel of communication, many brands and marketers have avoided it, confused on how to interact with Snapchat users, and why they should invest in content that disappears. Little do they know, this content sells with Snapchat creating about $1.2B in ad revenue.

It's different.

Snapchat’s focus, the communication between users, advertisement placement, content delivery; everything about this app is different and foreign to many businesses. While there is an added challenge to using Snapchat for Business, the potential reach per dollar is substantial and far outweighs its “learning curve”. We understand this platform thoroughly and will achieve success and measurable growth for your business on Snapchat. Curious what we can do for your Snapchat Advertising campaign?

Snapchat Advertising With Naudilus Media

With storytelling its forefront, Snapchat can be a strong integration into current social media marketing efforts. Snapchat has provided a well optimized platform for business advertisement and we know how to use it efficiently. How so?

Underbid & Outperform Your Competition

Naudilus Media provides highly effective Snapchat Ad campaigns with low cost-per-clicks(CPC) at affordable prices. Pairing Snapchat’s integrated goal-based bidding structure with our industry leading marketing tools, we can determine the best game plan for your business. High returns are our focus.

Advertise to the right people.

Your audience on Snapchat even after experiencing substantial growth may not be the same as your overall target audience across social media. That’s alright. If they are showing interest in you and your brand, then they are your target audience.

Naudilus Media performs necessary market research, analyzes the competition, and find where you fit in best. As you grow, we will adjust your Snapchat profile and ad campaigns to more suitably fit your audience and their needs. Whatever they are interested in, we will find an effective way to market your brand to them. This platform can be really difficult to get a hang of, but it doesn’t have to be. Not with us, at least.

Capture their attention... completely.

Snapchat for Marketers is separated into three unique options: Snapchat Ads, Geofilters, and Lenses. 

Snapchat Ads are “fullscreen, 100% viewable, and have audio on by default.” Using this feature, we can create ads that directly promote your brand by linking to your website, encouraging app installs, or achieving any other goal you have for your brand. With a clear understanding of parameters, we will build a series of ads that captures and holds the attention of your viewers.

Snapchat Geofilters can be an effective tool in your ad campaign. With an average viewership of 40-60%, this method ensures you reach as many people as possible. You want to reach the largest amount of people with little effort. We’ve got you covered.

Snapchat Lenses is by far the most innovative advertising method around. You’ve seen it before and probably asked, “How did they make that?” We can’t give you all of our secrets, but it is basically a bunch of images and animations overlayed on photo screens. These lenses have increased brand awareness 3x and purchase intent 2x. If you want to wow your audience, we can create fun engaging lenses for your brand.

Naudilus Media provides the whole shebang! We will perform thorough market research on users and competition. We will design a series of compelling advertisements that captures and holds your audience’s attention. We will track your growth and compare it against key metrics and continue to optimize your campaign accordingly. Finally, everything will be reported to you frequently and all of our efforts will be 100% measurable. 

Let's Get Started. It's a snap!

Reliable Snapchat Process

Stage One: Business Evaluation & Profile Analysis

We get familiar with your business and its marketing needs. We will take a close look at your website, social media presence, and current customer demographic to determine the best game plan for you.

Stage Two: Strategy Development

Based off of our analysis, we develop a strategy specific to your business and competitive market to promote rapid social growth and customer increases. Your multi-faceted strategy will cover all your bases as we get started on Snapchat together. You will be blown away.

Stage Three: Setup

We setup all the necessary dashboards, tools, and analytics so you can see measurable results and improve and remain educated on how your profile is performing.

Stage Four: Implementation of Snapchat Strategies

We implement marketing strategies tailored to your business needs. This includes a series of targeted ads, audience research, brand continuity, and consumer engagement.

Stage Five: Ongoing Optimization

Finally, we provide continual support ensuring that your Snapchat profile stays in tip-top shape and more importantly, gives you peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated team based out of Austin, Texas to back you up with all the ongoing technical stuff.


The key performance indicators we look at are  total views and screenshots, average open rate, completion rate, and total followers. We track these metrics and more daily. We will provide monthly visual reports for you to track your progress.

With Snapchat ads, you can expect instant results. With Snapchat profile management, it will take more time depending on the service you provide, audience size, and overall campaign budget.

You will receive monthly reports from us. If you need them more frequently, just let us know and we will provide the reports for anytime upon request.

Contracts and Setup Fees

Our contracts are ongoing with monthly charges.  If you wish to cancel the service, give us 30 days notification. After that time, we will return all information for your company back to you.

There is a one-time setup fee. It includes setting up your Snapchat profile, analytics accounts, website integration of analytics, and other administrative tasks. 

Absolutely! We will setup a professional Snapchat profile optimized for your target audience, a series of engaging ads, and the tools and tricks necessary to run the show yourself, you maverick.

Working Together and What You Can Expect

Tech Support?!? Relax, you can take it easy. When you call, text or DM us, you will receive a local Snapchat Specialist of ours based right out of Austin, TX. These guys know how to rope a bull (no joke) and rope in a higher ranking for your business. This person will be your main point of contact and resolve all of your issues, big and small. 

First off, we will gain a better understanding of you and your business through a good ol’ fashioned chat. Our specialists will ask you a complete set of questions regarding your business and the goals you have. With that, we will perform extensive research to identify high traffic content, both globally and locally, that correlate to your business. To do this, we use the top campaign planning to develop the best approach for your business, its level of competition, and its relevancy. Finally, we will pass along this research to you and determine a strategy that gives you the best return.

After identifying the best content to target for your business, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your local or global competition who are on the first page, even companies you requested. We have a wide array of tools to analyze companies and can provide invaluable research to your ad campaign.

We might suggest changes to your profile based off of our research. Before making any changes, we will run them by you first and create backups of your profile.

For sure. If you have content you would like your profile or ad campaign focused around, we will incorporate for you.

All of our marketing tactics are 100% ethical and white-listed for social engine use. We utilize safe proven methods to achieve results for your business. Even our guerrilla marketing services are acceptable by the many different search and social engine terms of service. Unlike some companies, we keep a distance from black hat tactics that can incur penalties on your website for years to come.

Enough chitchat. Let's Get Started.

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