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Reddit, the self proclaimed front page of the internet, boasts a staggering 330 million active users and 14 Billion monthly page views. Reddit Ads is a largely untapped advertising platform despite its statistics rivaling Instagram and Twitter. This makes achieving results through Reddit marketing easy on this platform with low market competition and affordable ad costs. Curious if your company could flourish on this social platform? Send us a message today to answer any of your questions.

Reddit has affordable traffic and a lot of very targeted ad inventory. Could my type of business actually work with Reddit? 

Absolutely. Reddit is comprised of thousands of subreddits organized around every conceivable topic and interest. Each of these subreddits see millions of unique monthly visits. One, if not more of these subreddits can be aligned with your business’ marketing plan. The Reddit marketing campaign we will develop for your business will provide affordable high quality traffic to your website and other social media pages 

Why You Should Advertise on Reddit with Naudilus Media

Pinpoint Your Target Audience.

On many major social platforms, ad targeting is limited to categories like regions and interests. Reddit offers more focused ad targeting through subreddits. We have a thorough understanding of Reddit and can provide optimized ad campaigns with precise audience targeting to guarantee the best return for your business. 

Engaging with Your Target Audience.

At its core, Reddit is a forum centered around discussing and sharing thoughts and opinions. We know where to start, what to talk about, and how to build up your brand image on Reddit. We can create AMAs and develop content that boosts audience engagement. 

We are Frequent Users on Reddit too.

Reddit is large platform still misunderstood by many marketers and businesses. We have been using this platform personally since it first released. We understand the dynamic of subreddits, the atmosphere, and the dos and donts of this platform. Quite frankly, some marketers can harm your business because they don’t understand Reddit. Trust us, we do. 

Warning for the DIYers

Reddit can be a volatile platform with its own unique atmosphere and unwritten social rules that go against conventional advertising strategies. It becomes easy to make mistakes, waste your advertising budget, and harm your brand image. We strongly advise you to work with a professional Reddit marketer who has experience working with this platform, such as ourselves. All content created by us for your campaigns must be approved by you prior to publishing.  

Frequently asked questions

The key performance indicators or KPIs that we look at are clicks, upvotes & downvotes, shares, and traffic data. We will track these metrics daily which can be viewed by you anytime on the internet. We will also send out monthly visual reports to show you how your Reddit marketing campaign is performing.

Results usually start coming in when the ad campaign goes live. However, that is just the start. We will continually monitor the KPIs listed above and optimize your campaign till you say stop. We will provide monthly reports to visualize the steady improvements in your ranking.

You will receive monthly reports from us. If you need them more frequently, just let us know and we will provide the reports for anytime upon request.

In the past, it has been a resounding no. However, Reddit has made major changes to their platform recently to create a more business friendly atmosphere. Reddit is more of an “expert-level” social media platform to advertise on. We highly suggest working with us, certified marketing professionals, to ensure that your campaign doesn’t make any fatal mistakes. 

You don’t need to worry about making mistakes when you work with us. We have a thorough understanding of Reddit and all that it entails. We do necessary research on your target Audience, what they are talking about, and how they are talking about it so that your content receives admiration and praise from Reddits users. 

Yes you can. We will create a custom advertising campaign for you that best serves your needs and interests. We will discuss the proposed campaign in detail with you and provide you with a clear understanding of how your campaign will be conducted. 

"9/10, would read again." Let's get started.

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