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LinkedIn has become the social media platform of choice for over 500 million professionals. LinkedIn advertising lets you target other businesses in your market with ads that directly target their problems. No more trying to navigate through the corporate structure to reach executives; you put your solutions in front of the top dogs. Operating at the highest level of B2B(business-to-business) sales, Naudilus Media can effectively market your company and its products/services to other business professionals on LinkedIn.

Promote Your Best Side With Naudilus Media

Put Your Business in Front Of Decision Makers.

LinkedIn advertising is the best way to target people in businesses that need your product/service. With the ability to target executives and business owners, the decision- makers, it is a uniquely effective channel for B2B marketing.  Market to executives, influencers, and decision makers who act on new opportunities.

Ad targeting can be customized many ways. We can target your ads by company category & size, industry, job title or function, seniority, skills, and more demographic information such as age and location. With this, we can create a highly focused LinkedIn campaign for your business and achieve maximum effectiveness with your target audience. 

We believe at Naudilus Media that everything should be measurable. You will be able to monitor your results and see which audience converts to the most customers. We monitor even more metrics and will adjust your campaign accordingly so that your dollar stretches the farthest with us.

Is LinkedIn Advertising for You?

Targeting the right audience is crucial to ad campaign success, but you need to know your audience first. The more focus we can give to your LinkedIn ad campaign, the more effective and profitable it will be to your business.

If you have an idea of the demographic you wish to target, that will fast-track your campaign to success with us. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What job titles are associated with your target audience?
  • Where does your target audience work?
  • What skills or interests does your target audience have?
  • What skills or interests does your target audience have?
  • Is your target audience typically found at a certain seniority level?
  • Does your target audience typically hold a certain type of position in a company?

If you can answer some of these uestions then LinkedIn advertisting with Naudilus Media is the route for you. We understand B2B marketing and how to achieve results and drive engagement on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Remarketing. Capture Your Lost Sales.

On average, only two percent of your website visitors actually convert. What about the other 98 percent? Remarketing targets them.

Website Retargeting

We use this method to segment your target audience and only provide ads relevant to pages they visited on your website. This helps eliminate waste on advertising and leads to higher conversion as they are usually interested prior to seeing the ad.


Contact Targeting

Naudilus Media utilizes this method when you want current email lists of people to see your content. This advertising is perfect for remarketing to previous customers, soliciting reviews, pushing out new content or your website, and more.

Account Targeting

Using this method, we can take lists of businesses you already work with, and cross reference them with LinkedIn company pages. We can then show ads to users in these companies. This lets us target exact companies with specific interests.

Why Choose Naudilus Media For LinkedIn Services

We understand B2B thoroughly.

At Naudilus Media, we know how to create effective LinkedIn campaigns that drive measurable results. Our B2B experience paired with industry leading marketing tools allows us to craft the best campaigns you will experience. We analyze important metrics and continually optimize your campaign to achieve the best results and lowest cost possible.

Because LinkedIn has less competition than Google Adwords, we can provide similar results with a smaller budget. You want the highest ROI and that is all we provide.

Harness the Advertising Potential of LinkedIn.

Tested SEO Process

Stage One: Business Evaluation and Profile Analysis

We get familiar with your business and its marketing needs. We analyze your website, code, site mapping, and keyword density to determine its strengths and weaknesses.

Stage Two: Strategy Development

Based off of our analysis, we develop a strategy specific to your business and competitive market to help you start ranking above all of your competition and getting found for keywords that your target audience searches on a daily basis. You will be blown away.

Stage Three: Setup

We setup all the necessary dashboards, tools, and analytics so you can see measurable results and improve and remain educated on how your website is performing.

Stage Four: Implementation of LinkedIn Strategies

We implement state-of-the-art optimizations across your website that entails speeding up website load times, cleaning up your code, mapping, keyword targeting and a whole lot more.

Stage Five: Ongoing Optimization

Finally, we provide continual support ensuring that your website stays in tip-top shape across the major search engines and more importantly, gives you peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated team based out of Austin, Texas to back you up with all the ongoing technical stuff.


The key performance indicators we look at are clicks, likes, shares, company follows, downloads, and website visits. We will track this each month and report it to you. 

With LinkedIn ads, you can expect instant results. We will monitor key performance metrics and adjust your campaign accordingly for as long as you choose to partner with us. We will provide monthly reports to visualize the steady improvements in your ranking.

You will receive monthly reports from us. If you need them more frequently, just let us know and we will provide the reports for anytime upon request.

Contracts and Setup Fees

Our contracts are ongoing with monthly charges.  If you wish to cancel the service, give us 30 days notification. After that time, we will return all information for your company back to you.

There is a one-time setup fee. It includes setting up your analytics accounts, optimizing your LinkedIn business page, website integration of analytics, and other administrative tasks.

Absolutely! We can provide you with everything necessary to get started with LinkedIn Ads. We will optimize your business profile, provide necessary keyword and influencer research, and all the tools you will need to manage your own campaigns.

Working Together and What You Can Expect

Our dedicated LinkedIn marketing expert will assist you through the entire process. Based in Austin, we can provide high quality local support.This person will be your main point of contact and resolve all of your issues, big and small. 

First off, we will gain a better understanding of you and your business through a good ol’ fashioned chat. Our specialists will ask you a complete set of questions regarding your business and the goals you have. With that, we will perform extensive keyword research to identify high traffic keywords, both globally and locally, that correlate to your business. To do this, we use the top keyword planning tools to find the best keywords for your business, its level of competition, and how often it is searched. Finally, we will pass along this research to you and determine a strategy that gives you the best return.

After identifying the best keywords to target for your business, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your local or global competition who are on the first page, even companies you requested. We have a wide array of tools to analyze websites from what they are ranking for down to the code that runs their website and create a strategy for you that puts you above them in search.

Depending on our profile analysis, we might make changes to your profile to increase conversions and user engagement. We will run all of these changes by you first and create backups of your website to maintain 100% up time.

We will obtain a clear understanding of your vision, the business and current customer base. Afterwards, we will develop a blog calendar with google/outlook integrations.  This will give you a visual of the topics we will write about and what we are targeting with each post. We will always ask for approval before any blog post is uploaded. Once this is approved, we will schedule these posts, and write original content for each topic. For more information on this process, take a look at our services page labeled “Content Generation”.

 We keep a very close eye on performance both from a conversion rate and an engagement rate perspective. We sponsored one post for almost a year and it did extremely well. When the performance starts to go down, we refresh the content.

While this platform is mainly used by marketers to sell to businesses, these businesses are filled with paying customers all the same and they usually have money to spend. Contact us to develop a custom strategy for your business.

You are a shark. Let's get started.

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